The key to Metro WBE's success is rooted in its approach to providing only senior level Managers and Staff to
best compliment a Clients current needs.  

Metro WBE is an extension of your staff and has the expertise to assist Clients in the most cost-effective
means of completing a project in a manner that best furthers the Client’s interest.

Metro WBE Associates provides a:
  • High level of technical competence.
  • Significant successful prior project experience.
  • The proven ability to assess, reorganize, and manage challenged projects to successful conclusions.  
  • Professional adaptability and ability to integrate with virtually any organizational style or management

The assignment of talented and proven senior staff provides maximum impact and minimizes Client worries.  

                           Metro WBE Associates is 100% Women & Minority
                                        Controlled and Owned Company
Project Accounting
Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
Owner &  Construction Management Services
Detroit, Michigan   t. 248-504-7563   f. 313-731-0448
Why Metro WBE?
Metro WBE Associates, Inc.