Project Accounting
Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
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Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Metro WBE offers services in:
  • Wage Compliance
         Reporting auditing, tracking, and reporting of labor compliance requirements.  
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Davis Bacon Act
  • Project specific labor requirements:  
  • Minority
  • Women
  • Veteran
  • Disadvantaged
  • HUD
  • Residency Requirements

  • Monthly Pay Request Monitoring
         Review of Pay Applications & Invoices including sworn statements and  
         associated waivers.

  • Consent Decree

  • Outreach Programming
         Our diversity enables us to attract and retain highly skilled and talented individuals and        
         companies to meet your compliance requirements.

    Metro WBE Associates assists in the monitoring of federal, state, and local         
    agency requirements for publicly funded projects.   Our clients include Colleges, Universities,
    Bonding, and Insurance companies.  

       In addition, Metro WBE’s certified MBE and WBE status assists clients in meeting regulatory
    and affirmative action requirements.
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Metro WBE Associates, Inc.